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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • The Carpal Tunnel is a narrow passageway on the palm side of your wrist, made up of bones and ligaments.

      Carpal Tunnel happens when the median nerve, which controls sensation and movement in the thumb and first 3 fingers, gets pinched and compressed. This causes the numbness, tingling, weakness and pain commonly felt with this condition.

      Your Carpal Tunnel can swell or become narrowed for a variety of reasons. Aside from rest and ice, a wrist brace is another solution that may assist when you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as it keeps your wrists in place to prevent further aggravation whilst providing the necessary compression to bring the inflammation down. Choose a brace that :


      • Stabilises and provides a customised fit
      • Allows you to adjust how tight it is at different points on your arm, wrist and forearm
      • Provides compression on your wrist and Carpal Tunnel

    Video Title - How to Keep Moving with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome




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