2. Mild Arthritis: Treat Yourself
  • Mild Arthritis: Treat Yourself

    10 ways to feel fabulous with Mild arthritis.

    In the movie “Private Benjamin,” one of the characters is a new widow who calls a local radio talk show and desperately wails into the phone, “I haven't done anything wrong. And I feel like I'm being punished!”.

    Have you ever felt the same way? No one deserves to be in pain, and there’s no way to sugarcoat it —Mild arthritis hurts. It can damage your joints, internal organs and skin. It’s different for different people. And there might be days when nothing really seems to help the pain. But there are ways to help alleviate symptoms. These suggestions offer real help when you need it — every day — so you can get back on track to feeling fabulous.

    • 1. Break it up

      Don’t do everything at once; break up activities or chores into sections. For example, take a week to clean your house by working on one room every day. At the end of the week, it’ll be clean and you won’t overdo it.

    • 2. Take a shower

      Warm showers and baths are not only relaxing, they also can temporarily relieve Mild arthritis pain. Try hanging fresh eucalyptus from your shower for spa-like, fragrant steam.

    • 3. Select satin

      Are your joints stiff when you wake up in the morning? Try satin pajamas and sheets. Not only do they feel luxurious, but they can help you “slide” out of bed more easily.

    • 4. Try hot wax

      Ahhhh. A dip of your hands or feet into a hot wax bath can ease inflammation — the heat can completely envelop sore fingers or toes. Purchase one online or at drugstores.

    • 5. Get comfortable

      Yes, you can dress for style and comfort. Choose looser cuts in soft fabrics, such as brushed cotton, that will feel great against your skin.

    • 6. Use a cane

      Put less stress on your body by using a cane, brace or support to help decrease pressure on your joints. Canes can help you feel fabulous and they can look fashionable too!

    • 7. Get a mani-pedi

      A pampering day at the spa isn’t just for women! Give your hands and feet a little TLC with a professional mani-pedi. Your nails will look great and a soothing hand-foot massage is perfect for anyone with Mild arthritis.

    • 8. Stretch

      Loosen up! Light stretching can help reduce the stiffness in your joints that often comes with Mild arthritis. Check with a doctor or physical therapist to find the best stretches for your body.

    • 9. Remember your medicine

      It may seem obvious, but it can be very easy to forget to take medicine on time. Setting an alarm or a calendar reminder is easier than ever with modern technology and can help you stay on schedule.

    • 10. Meditate

      Deep-breathing techniques, mindful reflection and yoga can all help increase your quality of life. You can’t cure your Mild arthritis, but you can cure a negative mindset. If you can find a positive outlook while accepting your Mild arthritis, you’ll be on your way to feeling fabulous!