2. Arthritis: Low Impact
  • Arthritis: Low Impact

    The Low-Impact Lowdown

    Exercises that are energizing and easy on joints.

    When you’re living with joint pain, staying fit is crucial to keeping symptoms in check. But high-impact exercises like running, jumping and other strenuous workouts can do more harm than good. Instead, try one of these low-impact options. (Before starting any exercise program, be sure to check with your doctor.)

    • Yoga

      There's a reason this relaxing form of exercise has been practiced for centuries. Yoga can help with strength, flexibility and balance, and its many variations mean it can be custom-tailored for those with joint pain.

    • Aqua Jogging

      Great for runners who can no longer hit the trails because of joint pain, aqua jogging engages many of the same muscles as traditional jogging, while water provides natural yet low-impact resistance.

    • Tai Chi

      This gentle pairing of movement and meditation can help clear the mind and improve flexibility. Try outdoor tai chi for a breath of fresh air.

    • Stationary Cycling

      When done correctly, stationary cycling can burn major calories without putting too much pressure on your joints. Work with a trainer to determine the best combination of resistance, intensity and intervals for your fitness goals and joint health.

    • Walking

      You can do it anywhere. It's totally free. It can help improve your health in many ways, including lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and less stress. It's one of the easiest ways to work in low-impact exercise. To boost calorie burn, try a weighted vest, which adds resistance without stressing joints.

    • Swimming

      A full-body workout that can improve your respiratory health and strengthens from head to toe. So start swimming some laps!

    • Elliptical

      You can find an elliptical machine in virtually every gym and fitness club - it's a low-impact way to strengthen your legs and core while working your arms as well.

    • Cross-Country Skiing

      Gliding along in the freshly fallen snow, you might not even notice that you're getting a great (but low-impact) aerobic workout.

    • In-Line Skating

      Sure, blading's heyday was in the 90s, but this smooth, fluid motion is a timeless way to get some fitness al fresco.

    • Barre Workout

      This ballet-based workout fad is inspired by the art form's graceful movements - with the addition of small weights and a quick pace to really make you sweat.

    • Rowing

      No rowboat? No problem. Rowing machines work the whole body while focusing on the core.

    • Belly Dancing

      Yes, you read that correctly. Shake, shimmy and wiggle your way to enhance joint mobility, ease pain and increase bone strength and flexibility of the knees and ankles.